Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Quinoa and Black Beans (6 Points+)

Yummy!  In a desperate attempt to make a quick meal that would use up the last of some cilantro and green onions without using meat, I came up with this.  What a gem!  This will definitely become a weekly favorite.  

1 cup uncooked quinoa, rinsed and drained thoroughly
2 cups chicken (or vegetable) broth--I used two bouillon cubes and two cups of water
1 can black beans
Adobo seasoning (or garlic salt, or really whatever seasoning you want)
cilantro (I used approximately 1/2 cup)
green onions (I used three stalks)

To cook the quinoa, combine with broth in a saucepan. After the mixture is brought to a boil, reduce the heat to simmer and cover. One cup of quinoa cooked in this method usually takes 15 minutes to prepare. When cooking is complete, you will notice that the grains have become translucent, and the white germ has partially detached itself, appearing like a white-spiraled tail. 

Heat the black beans over low-medium heat and season with Adobo.  While the quinoa and black beans are cooking, chop  the cilantro and green onions.  When everything is finished, combine all in a large bowl.  Makes 4 servings, a little over one cup each.

6 Points+ per serving.
$1.30 per serving.

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